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Sardar Mir Akbar Khan

Minister Agriculture & Livestock

Amir Mehmood Mirza

Secretary, Agriculture, Livestock, Irrigation & Small Dams


The Department of Agriculture (DOA) was established in 1952 with the primary focus on Demonstration of improved farm practices and promoting the use of agri. inputs (improved seed, chemical fertilizers, pesticides & planting material). After that, need based efforts were made for establishing required facilities/labs from time to time through various development projects like; establishment of entomology lab, soil science lab, fruit plant nurseries for promotion of horticultural activities, agri. inputs procurement and supplies wing etc.

The DOA was re-organized in 1995 by Separating the Extension wing under a newly established Extension, Training & Adaptive Research Directorate (ETAR). While, the Soil Lab, IPM Lab, Horticulture and Agronomy sections were consolidated under newly organized Directorate of Agriculture Research and Technical Support Services (RTS).

The responsibility of agri. inputs and planting material supply was shifted to private sector and subsidies on agri. inputs were withdrawn(.The strategy has been reviewed by adopting Public Private Partnership concept in to the supply of agricultural inputs

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