Major Achievements

2013-14 to September 2018

  1. Provision of certified agricoltural inputs for 7,600 acres (7,600 bags Wheat seed & 7600 bags DAP) on 50% cost sharing basis for Mirpur division during Rabi 2018-19 season.
  2. Achievements of Fruit Development Program (FDP):
    • 1,288,477 wild plants were converted into improved quality fruit plant by Top working
    • 1,573 progeny orchards have been established on farmers field.
    • 776 farmers and 111 departmental staff were trained in budding and grafting techniques.
    • Survey of 607 villages completed for enlistment recording of wild fruit flora
    • 769 farmers trained in Orchard Management Techniques
  3. Establishment of Wheat Seed Blocks at 400 acres in AJ&K
  4. Establishment of Maize Seed Blocks at 200 acres in AJ&K
  5. Production of more than 250,000 high quality certified plants of different fruits (Apple, Walnut, Apricot, Cherry, Guava, Plum etc) during last five years and their distribution throughout AJ&K.
  6. Completion of Diagnostic Survey in Leepa Valley (District Jehlum Valley) to explore agricultural potential of the valley.
  7. Successfully introduced commercial production of Gladiolus Cut flowers. The business turnover has reached to a rising limit of 25.000 million rupees.
  8. Distribution of 300,000 Kitchen Gardening seed Kits (Rabi+ Kharif) during last 5 years
  9. Enactment of AJK Seed Act for regulation of seed business in the State.
  10. Establishment of different types of 451 Plastic Tunnels in all district of AJK
  11. Successfully launched and maintained Plant Quarantine System at Chakothi and Tetrinote Entry Points (a requirement for Cross LOC Trade).
  12. Completion of Fruit, Vegetable and Meat Market at Arja, District Bagh with the cost of Rs. 182.161 Million
  13. Re-Construction of Soil & IPM Labs. And Agriculture Complex Building at Gojra.
  14. Preparation and Distribution of District wise Agriculture Calendars for all 10 districts.
  15. Preparation of “Agriculture Policy (A Ten Years Perspective) -2014” and submitted to Cabinet for approval.