Kitchen Gardening

  • Development and maintenance of Jalalabad Garden and adjoining V.VIP houses.
  • Develop floriculture points at different locations in the state.
  • Provide trainings on floriculture and landscaping and advisory services to flower growers on production technology of commercial floriculture crops.
  • Development and maintenance of new parks, green belts and open spaces.

The Following Points Must Consider

The purpose of kitchen gardening is to produce disease-free, pure, and healthy vegetables. Vegetables can be grown in pots, buckets, containers, and crates, etc. For successful cultivation of vegetables at the domestic level following points should be considered:

Acquisition of direct sunlight:
Grow the vegetables at those places where there is maximum light intensity. It should not be under shade.

Type of soil:-
Soil is a serious factor in kitchen gardening. For making media, add one part Farm yard manure and two parts soil. Then mix it well and leave for 2-3 days then sow seeds and give a light shower of water.

The irrigation source should be near your garden so that water can easily be available to the plants without any hurdles.
Some vegetables are sown directly through seeds while other are transplanted when the plant gets attainable height.
Vegetables sown directly through seeds are lady finger, carrot, radish, beans, melon, and spinach. turnip and beetroot etc while the vegetables which are transplanted are: Brinjal, tomato, onion, pepper, cauliflower and broccoli, etc.