• Establishment of Benazir Bhutto Park at Tehsil Baloch district Sudhnutti
  • Promotion of Agribusiness Enterprise development and Marketing in AJ&K
  • Fruit Development Program(FDP) by /improving existing Wild Fruit Flora in AJ&K
  • Strengthening of Extension Services for Adoption of New Technologies
  • Management and Control of Major Pests & Diseases with Special Focus on Codling, Moth, Fruit Fly, Walnut Borer and Mealy Bud in AJ&K
  • Crop Maximization Programme to Enhance Agricultural Productivity In AJ&K Including Mountainous Research(GoAK Sh. 149.347, Farmer Sh. 96.864)

  • On-Farm Soil Conservation and Productivity Enhancement through Mechanized Farming in AJ&K (GoAK Sh: 56.670 M, Farmer Sh: 18.275 M, Total: 74.945)
  • Agro-Ecological Based Fruit, Vegetable & Apiculture Development as Enterprise in AJ&K
  • Maintenance of Jalalabad Park & Demonstration of Tulip Gardening